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Blocked Drains

Taking Care of Blocked Drains

Have a blocked drain and not sure what to do? 

Contact Priority One Plumbing on 1300 786 753 and have on of our qualified plumbers clear the blockage for you. We can fix and repair all drains guaranteed. 

This has happened to all of us – There is nothing worse than a blocked drain making your house smell of sewerage, and the worry that it may overflow at any minute, ruining your carpets, furniture, and other belongings. Clearing blocked drains is something everyone wants to avoid because it’s such a messy task and very unhygienic. The water fast submerging our feet while are taking a shower. A blocked drain is in action. Or you’re in front of the toilet sink, brushing your teeth and before you know it – the sink is half full because you have blocked drains. Nobody likes to deal with blocked drains because they are a real hassle and they give an impression of being unsanitary (because they are). However, it is something that every household has to deal with, sooner or later.

Is your kitchen sink, bathtub, shower drain, vanity, dishwasher or toilet blocked? Have a blocked sewer or stormwater drain? Have you tried all the DIY home remedies like vinegar or baking soda, and chemicals to try and unblock that drain with no success? Tried using the soda crystals or homemade tools to clear the drain? Looking for permanent drain blockage solutions? 

Want to know the best way to clear a blocked drain or a blocked pipe? Call our blocked drain plumbers today on 1300 786 753. They will provide all the options to help clear that blocked pipe or drain.  From fats, grease, hair and tree roots, here at Priority One Plumbing, we can help clear the blockage 24 hours a day. 

Blocked drain solutions
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Want to know the signs of a blocked drain? 
Noticed the water in sinks, toilet, showers, and baths draining slowly? Or have you noticed an unpleasant smell from your drain?Heard a gurgling sound coming from your drain? Don’t leave it too late. Just like everything in our lives require maintenance, so do our drains. 

What causes a blocked drain?
Blocked drains can result from trapped solid objects such as hair, dirt, grease, fats and particles between your bathroom drain and the attached pipes. The problem is further exacerbated when household products such as soaps, detergents, shampoos and conditioners, and others are allowed to build upon the growing accumulation. Eventually, this will become more and more dense and this is what prevents your water flowing uninhibited through your drain pipe. If your sink or tub fills up fast with water while it should have drained out quickly, you could be in for a serious case of a blocked drain.

When our plumbers arrive, they will get straight onto the problem using tried and trusted processes in order to get things back in order for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Having the right equipment is vital to clearing blocked drains as efficiently as possible, and this is why we invest in the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We utilise sophisticated technology to determine the exact location of the blockage with minimal disruption to the ground surface. We are then able to effect prompt and lasting repairs and restore your plumbing systems to full working order. We always tidy up after ourselves and leave no mess behind. Our blocked drain services include blocked drain clearing, drainage repairs and drain investigations using sonar tracing and CCTV cameras. We do specialise in CCTV inspections of blocked drains and providing reports for both residential and commercial properties. We undertake both emergency and scheduled drainage repairs and excavation or relining works in the case of severe blockages.  At times such as these, you may need help from our team of qualified and experienced plumbers.

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