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Burst or Leaking Pipes

Your reliable local solution to burst or leaking pipes 

Burst or leaking water pipes are the number one most damaging plumbing issue that home and business owners experience. The damage caused by burst or leaking pipes is not always obvious, and by the time the tell-tale signs of spraying water or damp walls appear, the expensive damage is usually already done.
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Burst or leading pipe services

Here at Priority One Plumbing Services, our burst or leaking pipe services are arguably the best. We offer everything from leak locating and re-piping, to installation of new water and drain lines, and burst pipe repairs.

If you have an unwanted indoor fountain in your kitchen, or a super spray has suddenly appeared in your yard, you need to call us for the fastest burst pipe repairs in Canberra and Melbourne.

Maybe the only sign you have of leaking pipes is discolouration on your ceilings or bubbling plaster due to wetness on your walls. Soggy wood syndrome, where the chipboard on your cabinets expands and loses its strength, is another tell-tale sign of burst or leaking pipes. If these aren’t taken care of immediately, they are certain to get worse. The bad news is that the longer you leave them, the more costly the damage caused to the interior of your home is likely to be.

Our dedicated plumbing team provides a genuine 24/7 emergency burst pipe repair service, which means you and your family will never have to wait long for us to attend to your burst pipes.

Those burst or leaking pipes won’t get better on their own, and until they are expertly and permanently repaired they will go on damaging your property. So contact the plumbers that you can rely on today.

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