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For keeping your house warm while consuming just a small amount of energy, ducted heating systems are the smartest choice. Not only is it cheap to operate a ducted system, but we offer the best services on Canberra ducted heating systems.


A ducted gas heating system is made up of a central heating unit connected to various outlets throughout the home via a series of ducts. The ducts are strategically placed for whole-house heating at an even temperature and in a manner that reduces gas wastage.

Ducted gas heating systems are used widely in Canberra. They are greatly relied upon to warm a room instantly, no matter how cold the outside gets. The system operates by drawing in cold air, heating it, and pumping it to various rooms in your house.

The main component is the central heating unit. It can be installed outside or inside the house. When installed in the house, it's usually in the roof space. A series of strategically placed ducts ensure that the warm air is pumped throughout the rooms for even heating.

Apart from the central heating unit and ducts, the system comprises a thermostat to regulate temperature and vents and grilles to allow air in. There's also a fan to draw air in the system, and heating is done using natural gas.

The air ducts terminate on the ceilings or the floors of the rooms to be warmed up. Warm air is driven through the ducts and into the open space via the outlets. It heats the room and then returns into the system via the grilles for reheating.


There are several advantages of ducted gas heating; the first one is flexibility. With outlets in several rooms, a thermostat, and zoning technology, you can choose to heat a specific room or set optimum temperatures for each room. That way, you only use the system where needed and reduce wastage. That’s efficiency right there.

Speaking of efficiency, this is natural gas, not electricity. That means reduced carbon footprint and energy costs. Install the system in your home and say au revoir to those massive heating and cooling bills.

The other advantage is you get to enjoy a warm, cosy room no matter how cold the outside gets. Furthermore, the system is quiet and can be controlled remotely from the control panel with the touch of a button.

That said, not all ducted gas heating systems are made equal. Even the central heating unit itself can be in the form of a giant furnace or a reverse cycle conditioner. Take care not to select a poorly functioning system. At Priority One Plumbing services, we offer the best deals on ducted gas heating systems. Here is what to look for:


The first thing is size. Not all homes are equivalent in size, and not all ducted gas heaters will work excellently for all homes. You want something proportionate to your home size. Too small a heater and you risk a cold house; too big a heater, and you'll likely face significant bills. Gas heaters come in various Kw selections. Get one depending on the number of squares in your house and things like insulation, ceiling height, flooring, and window coverings. Our technicians can help you determine this.

The other factor is aestheticism. Just because your house needs a large gas heater doesn’t mean it should be a bulky overhead in your roof space or on your wall.

The other thing is the brand. Different brands offer ducted gas heaters with different star ratings, prices, warranties, and after-sale services. The top ducted gas heater brands in Australia include Brivis, Braemar, and Bonaire. Ultimately, look for a versatile brand with great after-sale services and a warranty.

Efficiency matters too. You can tell the efficiency of a ducted gas heater from its star rating. The more the stars, the more cost-saving the system will be. Ducted gas heating systems are fairly expensive to set up; ultimately, you want something that will recover its installation costs.


The ducts of a gas heating system are insulated to minimise heat loss as the air is pumped to the various rooms. They are located in the ceilings or under the floor and supply heat to various rooms via various outlets.

Advanced systems have dampers on the ducts so you can control the heat distribution. You can choose to heat specific rooms by manually controlling the dampers or programming them.


Energy efficiency is a crucial factor when planning a central heating system. It not only impacts CO2 emissions but also determines the total cost of heating your home.

Ducted gas is the second most energy-efficient heating option after solar. Stats show that a 3-star ducted gas system emits only 2.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide to warm up a 15m² area. For an equivalent LPG unit, the emission would be way more, at 3.1 tonnes. A reverse cycle air conditioner will create 6 tonnes of CO2 to warm an area of the same size. The reason is that it takes a great amount of CO2 to produce electricity.

The other factor is running costs, and it depends on the star rating of the system. Generally, four or 5-star rated ducted gas heaters are the least expensive to run. They only cost a few dollars more than a natural gas space heater.


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