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General Plumbing Repairs

Fast local plumbing repairs 

Professional plumbing repairs are an investment into the structure, safety and comfort of your home, and the lives of your loved ones and family. Therefore, it is essential that you hire professional plumbers. Our expert team will ensure that you receive quality plumbing services and products at the most competitive prices.
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General plumbing repairs

There are some essential things that you should always look for when hiring a plumber, including:

  • Look for a plumber that has many positive references. (Talk to friends and family for recommendations, or ask companies to provide you with testimonials)
  • Insist that the plumber come to your home to evaluate what needs to be done rather than diagnosing over the phone
  • Ensuring that the plumber meets licensing and registration requirements
  • Ask about the quality of materials that will be used

So how do Priority One Plumbing Services stack up amongst the top plumbing services?

As the longest serving plumbing business, with many years of experience in serving the area’s residents, we have established a great reputation and many glowing recommendations. We always come to you to assess what needs to be done. We are a fully accredited member of the Master Plumbers Association, and all of our technicians are licensed, experienced and qualified plumbers who deliver superior customer service. We use reputable, durable materials and the latest technology and equipment is onboard our large fleet of mobile plumbing service vehicles. This enables us to deliver an on-the-spot repair, saving you time, money and inconvenience.

What general plumbing repairs do we provide?

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The short answer is basically everything, big or small. This can be any water-related problem, including:

  • Burst pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Gas and water leak detection
  • Leaky taps and nagging, noisy plumbing
  • Toilet cisterns, showerhead and water flow issues
  • Hot water systems
  • Installations of new appliances and fittings e.g. dishwashers and water filters

Is it worth booking a plumbing check-up?

Most plumbing issues tend to go unnoticed until they are too late, by which time most of the major property damage has already occurred. The main problem with detecting developing problems is that by nature of property design, most plumbing is hidden in the walls or under your floors and ceiling.

The bottom line is that if you have old plumbing and systems, you really could be living with a disaster waiting to happen. Just one phone call to our expert plumbing team can ensure that all of your plumbing and installations are thoroughly checked, and any problems can be nipped in the bud.

So don’t delay, and book your plumbing check-up today.

We have the plumbing and electrical solutions for all your needs

Call Priority One Plumbing Services now on 1300 786 753 for all of your general plumbing repairs in Canberra and Melbourne.

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