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Heating and cooling services in Canberra. At Priority One Plumbing, we take pride in providing the best heating and cooling services with the help of our reliable team of expert and local plumbers and specialists.


We been providing heating and cooling services across Canberra and ACT. Among our comprehensive range of heating and cooling services, our local professionals also provide the inslallation and servicing of:

  • Ducted gas heaters
  • Evaporative heaters
  • Ducted reverse cycle
  • Split systems
  • Smart zoning
  • Hot water
  • Hydronic underfloor heating

In addition to installing and servicing heating and cooling systems and hot water systems, we also offer a reliable and timely 24-hour emergency call-out plumbing service all year round. No matter the situation, we assure you to arrive on the job punctually and provide you with a long-term solution to assess, identify, and fix the problem.


Unlike conventional heaters, evaporative heaters draw in fresh air by allowing it to flow inside your home naturally and warm/cool it without causing any skin allergies, sore throats, or dryness. These heaters are energy-efficient and quite affordable. You can comfortably leave your windows and doors open as they provide completely fresh and natural air. Despite being an effective and efficient heating and cooling system, evaporative heaters also experience issues during usage. Such issues include a lack of heating and cooling options and mold growth due to excessive exposure to moisture. If you have issues with your evaporative heater, it is best to consult a LOCAL PLUMBER to assess and determine the exact problem with the unit. At Priority One Plumbing Services, our team comprises air conditioning experts with expertise to ensure that your heating and cooling devices work properly.


Many homeowners prefer using ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to provide HEATING AND COOLING SERVICES in your CANBERRA home. They consist of a central indoor unit and an outdoor unit and are often installed under the floor or ceiling. The system ensures every room within your home enjoys perfect temperatures all year round, ascertaining comfort throughout your home. Owing to its complex functionality, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners require professional technicians to fix and repair them. At Priority One Plumbing Service, we assure you of timely, professional, and effective solutions to your damaged heating and cooling systems.


Split/ window air conditioning systems are an effective way to provide cooling in your home during the summer. However, if they are not correctly maintained and serviced, the system may show signs of failure. Some common problems that split systems face are gas leakage or low on refrigerant, lack of cooling, and constantly turning on and off. It is vital to regularly contract the services of your local air conditioning specialist to ensure that your split system is functioning properly. At Priority One Plumbing Services, our trained, reliable, and qualified specialists are ready 24/7 to assist you with any problems pertaining to your split system.


If you enjoy living in a modern home with all the modern appliances, you have probably heard of the smart zoning heating and cooling system. The system uses smart thermostats, installed in different rooms, to control the temperature levels in different parts of the home. These thermostats enable different rooms to experience different temperature levels at the comfort of the thermostat controller. Our technicians and plumbers at Priority One Plumbing are available to provide any information related to smart zoning and fix any problems your smart zoning system may experience. We can also install the system in just a matter of hours, while you sit and relax.


If you are looking for expert, reliable, and pocket-friendly hot water services, Priority One Plumbing Service is your ideal partner. We offer our clients a variety of hot water systems designed to cater to your family's needs. Whether you are looking for installation, repair services, or servicing, our LOCAL PLUMBERS have a vast wealth of industry expertise to deal with all services related to gas, electric, and solar hot water systems.


Using its sophisticated design, hydronic underfloor heating provides a warm, gentle, and consistent heating system. The system uses various heating sources, like heat pumps and gas boilers, and a top-tier thermostat and solar energy. As a result, hydronic underfloor heating enables users to heat different rooms and floor types independently. Owing to its sustainability and cost-effective nature, this system has quickly taken over the heating and cooling market. Our expert plumbers are available to install, repair, and service various types of hydronic underfloor heating systems. We also provide expert recommendations to help you choose the best installation for your property.

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Do not sit back and wait for your heating and cooling system refuses to work properly before calling our HEATING AND COOLING SERVICES in CANBERRA. Contact us today to get the best and most affordable deals on various HEATING AND COOLING SERVICES. Our plumbing technicians operate around the clock and are highly skilled in the repairing, installing, and servicing heating and cooling systems from various models and brands. We back our services with a service guarantee to ensure the best customer experience. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us here today!

*Please note that we sub-contract to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technicians.

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