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Hot Water Tempering Valves

Hot water tempering valves

Hot water tempering valves for the local people

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Australian government legislation now dictates that all new and renovated homes and offices must have tempering valves installed in any hot water systems. These devices are designed to mitigate the risk of scolding from water heating systems by automatically mixing the hot and cold water together at a preset temperature.

They are a good idea for home installation whatever your circumstances, but especially if you have children in the house. Our skilled plumbers can install them so that water at a safe temperature can be yours in no time at all. So why take the risk when something so simple can save a possible scolding accident further down the road?

Current legislation states that if an employee suffers scalding burns because there was no tempering valve, the employer may be in breach of their duty of care by not providing a safe workplace.

So don’t take the risk: if you don’t have a tempering valve fitted, contact us to fit one right away. Even if you do have a tempering valve fitted, or you are upgrading your hot water system, contact us to ensure the tempering valve has been installed correctly and it is working optimally.

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