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In recent years, more consumers are taking the time to consider their in-home heating solutions. This trend is partly due to rising energy costs and the increased consciousness among consumers to use eco-friendly solutions. As a result, one of the prominent solutions has been hydronic underfloor heating.

The method is rising in popularity because it offers a chance to save on energy costs while also positively impacting the environment. Here is why you should consider hydronic underfloor heating in Canberra.


Hydronic underfloor heating uses special tubing, usually under your floor, to deliver heating throughout your house. The system runs hot liquid in the tubing, thus spreading heat in all the desired rooms from the floor. It is also known as radiant heating. This type of heating usually uses hot water, but at times it can use steam or a glycol-based water solution.

The water heats in a boiler, and once it heats to the right temperatures, the pipes carry it through an underfloor system through the rooms and then back to the boiler again. It is then reheated, and the whole cycle repeats again since it is a closed-loop system. Because the water is still warm, lesser energy is required to reheat it.

Hydronic underfloor heating at first was limited to large commercial buildings, but with time and technology, residential homes can now enjoy the benefits. In most cases, natural gas or liquid petroleum gas is the energy source. However, some systems use solid fuel to heat the water.

Installing hydronic underfloor heating should ideally happen during construction or when carrying out significant renovation projects in the home. In such instances, the installation costs are significantly lower than when retrofitting a home just for the system.


Hydronic underflooring provides the following benefits;

It is cost-effective

This form of home heating has running costs significantly lower than traditional home heating options. Even with a higher upfront cost, it allows you to make savings in the long run, especially if you use a gas boiler or solar, which delivers up to 95 % energy efficiency ratings. The system also has lower maintenance costs because of fewer moving parts.

It is cleaner, healthier, and silent

The common central and ducted heating systems end up as thriving grounds for bacteria and mites. Their method of operation also introduces plenty of dust and other allergens in the air you breathe. The design and operation of underfloor heating mean you never have to worry about dust or struggle with mites and other allergens. The system is also silent, so you will not be bothered by noise regardless of how it is set up.

It serves any style and does not compromise your home comforts

The radiator panels for use in hydronic underfloor heating come in designs to match any modern home style. The house is also uniformly heated, so you do not have problems with cold drafts common in traditional alternatives.

It provides options for installation

This form of heating provides plenty of flexibility at installation. You can pick different energy sources, and the piping could be under the floor or inside walls. You also have the comfort that, unlike the ductwork and return air systems with their chases, this form of heating will not take even a square foot of your home.

It is safe

The hydronic heating system is completely sealed off, exposing no flames or electrical connections. It has a low fire hazard rating providing your home with reliable heating at no risk for fire accidents.

It is eco-friendly

It is an environmentally friendly method using only natural energy sources and not having any harmful emissions. Further, its energy efficiency also helps in protecting the environment with little resources expended.


The biggest advantage hydronic underfloor heating provides is its cost-saving and energy efficiency. Several studies show that, on average, the running costs are at least 35 % cheaper than other traditional forms of in-home heating. It is also an energy-efficient system being up to 70 % more energy-efficient than systems relying on electricity.

Running costs depend on the following factors;

  • Your building's thermal efficiency, that is, the amount of heat it loses and how fast that happens.
  • The type of heat source for the heating system.
  • The cost of the energy source.
  • How well the installation company designed and installed the heating system. This factor covers things like the systems energy production efficiency, distribution efficiency, and emission efficiency to the rooms.

In terms of energy source, the cost comparisons generally come down to this;

Solar power is the cheapest since the source is free, renewable, and highly cost-efficient.If it is an electric boiler, the system's power rating will determine your running costs. If you use a gas boiler, the running costs will depend on the cost of gas in the area and the burner's efficiency.

Hydronic underfloor heating is efficient because of several inherent factors. First, it reduces the amount of heat loss compared to systems that rely on air ducts. There is no heat lost through cracks and openings, meaning lesser heat is needed to heat the room.

Secondly, water is a better conductor of heat than air. So the system gains from these properties and needs less energy to heat up the house compared to a forced-air circulation system. Finally, the way the system works in a closed-loop sees water getting reheated after each full circulation. The water getting back for reheating is already warm, so it needs even lesser energy to heat up and get back in circulation.


Hydronic underfloor heating provides many benefits. It is an efficient system, it saves your energy bill, and it is friendly to the environment. It is also healthier and does not take up your rooms’ space. These and other benefits make it the ideal in-home heating solution. However, the system is only as excellent as how it is installed, and that is where we come from.

We have provided hydronic underfloor heating Canberra services to numerous residents. We recognise that you may not have the technical understanding of it all, so that we will walk you through every step.

We will also provide recommendations on the best way to maximise the benefits depending on your circumstances. Our expertise, and resources make us your best partner for this project. Call us today and let us show you how we can help you get the best in-home heating system.

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