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Leak Detection

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Burst or leaking pipes both inside and outside of your property can be a nightmare due to either inaccessibility or their proximity to other utilities. Effective leak detection is a cost-effective resolution of what can turn into a long and potentially expensive process.

Here at Priority One Plumbing Services, our expert plumbers have many years of experience in leak detection techniques, giving us the edge over the competition. Through the use of the latest electronic leak detection equipment, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint the source of most leaks and effect prompt and lasting repairs.

Employing the services of our fully qualified plumbers provides you with the peace of mind that any burst pipes have been effectively repaired, and a full check has been carried out. We are also used to dealing with insurance claims relating to water leaks and other plumbing issues that may affect all types of properties.

When the water is everywhere except in the pipes, it’s time to call the leak detection and pipe repair experts.

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