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If your property is situated outside of an area that is supplied by natural gas, but your preference is for generating heat and cooking with a flame-powered system, all is not lost. LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) is a highly efficient alternative to natural gas and it is fairly easy to store and transport.

If you have recently moved from an area where mains gas was available, and now you wish to switch to LPG in your new home, you should not attempt to use your natural gas appliances with LPG. The same applies if you are doing it the other way around and switching from LPG to natural gas because the two appliances are not compatible and attempting to use them on the incorrect supply is highly hazardous.

However, there is some good news. The expert plumbers and gas fitters here at Priority One Plumbing Services can convert your natural gas appliances to operate on LPG and install an LPG system if your new home requires one. From testing and maintenance to repairs and full LPG conversions, we are the local experts.

Whatever you need in the way of plumbing services from roofs and guttering to burst pipes and gas installations, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done promptly and efficiently.

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