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Mains Power Upgrade

Mains power upgrades

Local reliable mains power upgrades

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There are many reasons why a business or residential property may require a mains power upgrade, but most of them are related to increase loading of the system. Any appliance or system that involves using electricity to generate heat, such as water heaters, room heaters, or heat lamps, are prime culprits for tripping the system’s safety devices. If your system is continually tripping out or fusing, it is time to call the electricians here at Priority One Plumbing Service.

Sensitive electrical equipment could be susceptible to damage due to being underpowered, and other appliances and machinery may not be working efficiently or safely while starved of power. One of our skilled team can visit your premises and carry out a check to establish the exact capacity of your supply and make any necessary recommendations concerning possible mains power upgrades.

If you have a more serious issue, and you are unable to re-establish your electricity supply following a ‘trip out’, our 24/7 emergency call-out service provides prompt and reliable assistance every day of the year. One of our skilled electricians will call at your property at a pre-arranged time and take every available measure to ensure that your electrical power is restored as soon as possible.

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