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It is hardly surprising that with many years of plumbing and drainage experience, our expert team has mastered the most up-to-date methods to provide solutions to some of the most difficult situations. This expertise has proved itself to be invaluable to our customers, especially in the area of drainage and sewer pipe work.

Old-style clay pipes are highly susceptible to cracking and collapse, and they are especially vulnerable to suffering damage and ingress by tree roots. In the past, the only viable option for resolving such issues was total excavation, removal and re-laying of the affected pipework. This is a costly and highly disruptive procedure involving specialist excavation equipment and skilled contractors.

Pipe relining provides a reliable and cost-effective solution to the issue of cracked and damaged underground pipes. This innovative method of pipe renewal is also ideal for re-piping in situations where accessibility may be an issue, such as under concrete, driveways, swimming pools and other solid structures.

The team here at Priority One Plumbing Services has the specialised equipment and expertise to reline problem areas and even full pipelines, saving you considerable time, disruption, and money.

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