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It is no coincidence that the specified tripping time of a certified electrical switch is 30 milliamps and that it is also the exact amount of current required to cause electrocution. In some states, all electrical safety switches must now be tested by law, and landlords and business owners are among those most at risk from prosecution.

If your electrical safety switches have not been tested and certified recently, or your system has not been upgraded with the modern version, you need to call Priority One Plumbing Services immediately. Talk to us today and arrange for one of our skilled electricians to visit your property and conduct safety switch testing.

Thankfully, all new homes are required to have the latest safety switches installed by law, and it is a good thing too because they really do save lives. You should never take any chances with something as potentially lethal as the electricity supply, and we strongly recommend that you never attempt to carry out your own repairs. Leave it to the experts in all types of electrical installation, repairs, and safety switch testing.

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