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Sewer Ejector Pits

Sewer ejector pits

Sewer ejector pits for the local areas 

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If your waste system incorporates a sewer ejector pit, you will want to ensure that it continues to work as it is supposed to. Sewer ejector pits are designed to operate with the minimum of maintenance, and they usually do until something wears out or breaks. However, like all simple mechanical systems they keep working longer if they are treated to periodic maintenance inspections.

When the water rises to a given level, the floating switch is activated, and this turns on the pump, which in turn grinds waste and ejects it up the waste line. The check valve stops wastewater from flowing back into the basin. The shutoff stops backflow while the pump is serviced and allows the waste to flow again once the system is ready for normal use.

Here at Priority one, we are the experts in all aspects of sewer ejector pits and other waste systems. Our mobile units carry a wide range of spare parts and all of the equipment needed to keep your system in tip-top working order. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to cut corners with a cheap fix when we have the expertise to provide a high-quality, lasting repair.

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