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What is a split system?

These systems use two units that work together, i.e., a white box (a compressor or condensing unit) and an inside unit. The system works by expelling hot air from inside your home and replacing it with cooler circulated air. You can find an evaporator coil within the system, a fan, a compressor, and a refrigerant.

The split system is made up of a metal cabinet with a condenser and compressor outdoors; they're usually found nearby on a concrete platform. The split system has an indoor air handler, which contains the evaporator coil and fan.

A split system allows you to control temperature, atmospheric moisture cleanliness, humidity, and temperature on top of maintaining air circulation. If the split system is efficient enough, you could have a controlled environment within your home and keep your doors and windows closed. This means that if you do this, you can finally forget about pollen and bugs when you are indoors.

Split System Air Conditioner

A split air conditioner is made up of two primary sections- a compressor located on the outside and an indoor air outlet unit. Unlike other systems that may require a series of interconnected ductwork that goes throughout the ceiling, the split air conditioner relies on sets of pipes that connect the outdoors to the indoor air unit. This is why they are called the ductless mini-split air conditioner installation.

The split system has the highest energy star rating. This implies that the split system is the most energy-efficient air conditioner system. The system is more energy-efficient, helps keep the environment clean, and helps lower your monthly power bill.

The systems are also quite efficient and have their SEER values in the 20s, unlike earlier conditioners with SEER ratings with six or even lower values. Compared to other models, the split system air conditioner is 15 % more efficient than standard ACs.

Why Buy A Split System For Your Home? Lower installation cost

Split systems are easier to install, especially if you don't have ductwork installed in your home. Installing a split air conditioner can help you avoid any additional costs you would have incurred otherwise.

What makes this system great is that the connector that connects the indoor and outdoor units is about three inches in diameter. All you need next is access to electricity and a spot where you could install the units, and you are all done.

Energy Efficiency

Since this system has been rated highly efficient, installing it in your home could help you save lots of cash on bills. Comparing the split system with the standard systems, you discover that the latter lose up to 30 percent of the cooling energy instead of the former.

Split system ACs have been known to be more efficient compared to other ACs. The mini-splits are especially more efficient than the other HVAC systems since they recycle energy and use electricity instead of burning gas, which can be advantageous.

Quiet Operations

Indoor ductless units operate as silently as 19 decibels. This is significantly quieter than window units. Its slimmer size makes it easier for you to position it in various positions depending on the noise factor or when you don't have lots of space.


Split system air conditioners are better than traditional conditioners since they can be split into zones with separate thermostats. The separate thermostats could help you selectively cool various zones in your home. By doing this, you'll end up using less energy and save more money.

What Features Do I Want? Automatic Timers

An automatic timer is an important feature that you'll need to have in your split system AC. The feature helps you set when the system will come on or go off in advance, saving you time and effort. Set the AC to come on right before you get home from work, and you'll come home to a warm or cool home.

Humidity Control

Apart from controlling the temperature, you could also go for a humidifying feature that allows you to adjust the amount of moisture in the air. If you live in the tropics, you may want to dehumidify the air, but you could make the atmosphere more humid if you live in a dry environment.

Split System Heating & Cooling Services

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