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Switchboards Upgrades & Replacements

Professional switchboard upgrades

High-quality switchboard upgrades and replacements for the local areas

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As businesses expand and homeowners install more and more electrical equipment and gadgetry onto their electrical supply, increased loading is placed on the switchboard and other parts of the electrical supply system. While modern safety or ‘trip’ switches are designed to react to overloads by disconnecting a specific circuit, the switchboard itself will only be rated to a specific capacity.

It is crucial to the efficiency and safety of the electrical supply in your property that the switchboard is rated to carry the load put upon it. Our qualified electricians can carry out tests to calculate the exact load that your existing switchboard is under and perform switchboard upgrades where necessary. Safety is our number one concern, and we will only recommend an upgrade when your switchboard is either close to or at its maximum rated capacity.

We never take any chances with something as potentially lethal as the mains electricity and neither should you. Our team of skilled and highly experienced electricians are only a phone call away waiting to resolve all of your electrical issues. Don’t trust your electrical installations or repairs to anyone other than professional electricians.

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